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My Mission

To dramatically enhance human experiences in New Zealand and beyond.

Meet Leo

Hi, I'm Leo and yes, that's me, doing what I do best, exploring my homeland.


With an inability to stay still for extended periods of time, and an eagerness to discover, uncover and immerse myself in something new, it is natural that my commitment to travelling has lead me to start Whichway.


I'm obsessed with hearing peoples experiences, and nothing brings me greater joy than sharing the same enthusiasm for a place, space or adventure. I believe wholeheartedly that it's these moments or journeys that bring real meaning to our lives, and I truly hope New Zealand will create memories that last the entirety of yours.


Strengths: Moral booster. Master GIF-er.


Weaknesses: Cheese. My Dog Chilli. Landscapes. Cheap Flights. Beautiful Interiors. Pizza. 


"Hey Leo!

Just wanted to say that your itinerary was badass! So many great tips, all the food recommendations were fantastic (loved the cow and bespoke kitchen in Queenstown and all of the tips in Christchurch) and the amount of detail on all the treks were fantastic as it gave us a quick snapshot of what to expect and how much time/effort would be required for each one. Will definitely be recommending your site to friends and fam when they cross the Tasman."

Nathan H, Australia

My Why

Have you ever ended up in a place with absolutely no idea what to do there? Or planned an amazing trip and then come back and realised you missed so many things you would like to have seen? 


Ever met a local along the way who has given you tips or showed you around and it dramatically enhanced your overall experience of that place?




Well, me too.

Whilst I was travelling through Russia, it became apparent to me that there was a bit of a gap in the market for travel tips. While I had spent WEEKS researching Moscow, things to do, places to eat and drink, by the time we got to St Petersburg, I had run out of time to research there. Moscow was absolutely incredible for us, but St Petersburg was nowhere near as exciting because we didn't have that extensive knowledge or the time to acquire it. At that point, I was wishing that I could find a reliable source that could give us a handful of suggestions for places to eat, drink, explore, and sights worth seeing that wasn't aimed at the cruise ship or tour bus groups.


A few months later, it occurred to me that this problem was not exclusive to me. I had been asked by three different people from all over the globe to provide suggestions and help with planning their New Zealand trip, ranging from route advice, to transport booking through to food and drink tips in different locations. This need for genuine, filtered, and honest recommendations was seriously lacking in the saturated travel advice and review sphere. People were having a lot of trouble gaining clarity.


Thus, Whichway was born.